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We all know how strange women start acting during their “that time of the month” (a.k.a. periods). The Daily Cramp is a daily newsletter, which lets you follow the cycle of your girlfriend or wife and sends you funny original jokes and tips to your inbox every day, based on her cycle. They explain where your woman is in her cycle and helps you to understand whats driving her behavior.

To sign up for the daily newsletter, enter your email and her details including her name, date of last period and length of the cycle and click “submit”. You can modify the information later at any time.

Here is how a typical email looks like


  • Follow hormonal cycle of your woman (girlfriend,wife) and receive daily reminders and tips.
  • Currently tracking around 6,000 women.
  • To receive daily newsletter, sign up with your email or your Facebook information.
  • Similar sites: MakeYourGirlfriendHappy, PMSBuddy and SaveMyAss.

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