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“Yet Another Smooth Scrolling” is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that gives users more control over their smooth scrolling. The extension allows them to configure a few settings that give perfect smooth scrolling to the user.

custom scrollbar firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox and notice lags, jumps or abrupt stops when scrolling, then this extension would help you fix those problems right away.

Once you have installed the extension you can visit the “Add-on” tab in your Mozilla Firefox browser window and open up the “Options” panel for the “Yet another Smooth Scrolling” extension. Once there, you can configure the settings according to your preference and test it out as you change the settings to find what you are most comfortable with.

Use a much higher “Step Size” if you usually skim across pages and only read a few parts of it and so on. On the other hand, you can use a smaller “Step Size” to scroll down the page slowly, ensuring you do not miss any information.


  • Configure settings to find perfect scrolling settings.
  • Both mouse and keyboard options can be changed.

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