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Today in Tech News Digest, the #YesAllWomen hashtag, the LulzSec FBI informant, the release of Watch Dogs, VirusTotal Uploader on OS X, Oculus Rift gets a Second Life, on the Web, and kids react to old computers.

#YesAllWomen Shows Power Of Hashtags

The #YesAllWomen hashtag has been all over social media sites (particularly Twitter) for the last couple of days. It’s a rather controversial hashtag which has been misunderstood by some, but it shows the power that hashtags #Clueless? Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Hashtags #Clueless? Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Hashtags Some people #use #them #for #every #freaking #word; others ignore them altogether. It might leave you wondering: what are hashtags even for? Am I using Twitter wrong if I don't use them? And are people... Read More have to bring certain issues to mainstream attention.

Misogyny, sexism, and the objectification of women are, unfortunately, everyday occurrences. It is by no means all men that are responsible, but enough are involved that all women are affected in some way by the issue. Which is what the #YesAllWomen hashtag is all about.

It grew in popularity as a result of the mass killing in California by Elliot Rodger, who had been expressing overtly misogynistic views in YouTube videos and forums for several months ahead of the attack.

The strange wording of the #YesAllWomen hashtag is due to it being a response to #NotAllMen, which was used to make it clear that not all men regard women in a negative way. While that is clearly true, it makes little difference to women who have to face misogyny, sexism, and/or sexual objectification on a daily basis.

There have been plenty of hashtags that haven’t gone to plan How Not To Twitter: 7 Hashtag Fails To Learn From How Not To Twitter: 7 Hashtag Fails To Learn From This is a list of seven rather embarrassing hashtag fails that demonstrate how this simple shorthand can go horribly wrong. Thankfully, there are lessons to be learned here. Read More , but #YesAllWomen is one that most certainly has done.


LulzSec Hacker Helped The FBI

The former leader of LulzSec LulzSec & Anonymous - Online Heroes Or Dangerous, Reckless Hackers? LulzSec & Anonymous - Online Heroes Or Dangerous, Reckless Hackers? By now, you're probably aware of the mayhem and mischief that both LulzSec and Anonymous have claimed responsibility for. If not, I'm here to educate you. Both seem to have a feared and revered reputation... Read More , Hector Xavier Monsegur AKA Sabu, is due to be sentenced in New York today for his alleged hacking of companies including Sony, Nintendo, and Fox Television. However, it’s thought Sabu will be let off lightly as a result of helping the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) following his arrest in June 2011.

The level of assistance Sabu gave to the FBI has emerged from court documents filed ahead of his sentencing. It’s alleged that his “co-operation against significant cybercriminals” saw hackers affiliated with Anonymous, LulzSec and Internet Feds arrested and imprisoned. He also helped “disrupt or prevent at least 300 separate computer hacks” on major U.S. targets.

As a result, prosecutors are pushing for Sabu’s sentence to be limited to “time served,” which would see him walk free having already spent seven months in jail. Sentencing guidelines suggest Sabu could have faced between 21 years and 26 years in prison.

Watch Dogs Released Worldwide

Watch Dogs has been released worldwide for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360, with a Wii U version due later in the year. This game is regarded as one of the most-anticipated titles of 2014 Your Most-Wanted Games of 2014 [We Ask You Results] Your Most-Wanted Games of 2014 [We Ask You Results] Whether on computer or console, handheld or home system, these are the titles you gaggle of geeks are desperate to get your hands on. Read More , but early reviews have been somewhat mixed, though mostly positive.

With a Grand Theft Auto-baiting GTA : 6 Great Websites For The Grand Theft Auto Aficionado GTA : 6 Great Websites For The Grand Theft Auto Aficionado Can you remember 1997? Those of you who can might also recall the hysteria, outrage and above all critical acclaim festooned on one of the most iconic and original video games of the time -... Read More open-world environment and the ability to hack into all manner of electronic equipment, Watch Dogs should appeal to geeks everywhere.

Google Brings VirusTotal Uploader To OS X

Google has brought its VirusTotal Uploader to OS X, giving Mac owners the opportunity to scan suspicious files. VirusTotal Uploader is already popular on Windows, but Mac users are now being afforded the same layer of protection against malware 3 Free Real-Time Malware Protection & Removal Tools 3 Free Real-Time Malware Protection & Removal Tools If you realize that your browsing and download habits put you at a high risk of catching malware, you should make an effort to be protected from these threats in real-time. An anti-virus tool is... Read More .

Of course, some Mac owners will resent the implication that their machines are susceptible to viruses, but OS X is being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. Google, which acquired VirusTotal in 2012, is merely responding to that growing threat.

Second Life Supports Oculus Rift

Virtual world simulator Second Life — which is still a thing, apparently — has added support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. This means Second Life players can, once they download the Second Life Viewer for Windows, Mac or Linux, see their virtual environments through the eyes of their avatar. Which can be be added to our list of awesome demos showing the power of the Oculus Rift 5 Oculus Rift Demos That Will Blow Your Mind 5 Oculus Rift Demos That Will Blow Your Mind Forget the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One - I've seen the future of gaming, and it is neither of them. The Oculus Rift is amazing - and with $16 million in fresh funding, the... Read More . Launches As A Web Application

Productivity app has launched as a Web application Launches Web App To Ramp Up Your Productivity From Any Browser Launches Web App To Ramp Up Your Productivity From Any Browser Now, you can access your to-do lists from any browser and sync tasks across multiple platforms. unveils a brand new Web application. Read More . Having started out on iOS and Android before launching as a Chrome extension, can now be accessed anywhere online. It’s not yet perfect, but it is completely free, which should keep complaints to a minimum.

Kids React To Old Computers

And finally, at the risk of sounding like a bitter old man, kids really don’t know how lucky they are these days. This video, which sees kids reacting to old computers, is surely proof, as they moan about the user-unfriendliness of command lines and floppy disks. Now, where did I leave my pipe and slippers?

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Image Credit: Pete via Flickr

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