Yelp Launches Update For iOS And Web Applications [Updates]

yelp logo   Yelp Launches Update For iOS And Web Applications [Updates]Yelp, one of the most popular ways to find places to go in your area, has just launched huge updates for its iOS and Web Applications that add lots of fantastic new features. All three of the mobile apps have gained some key functionality. Even though Yelp is soon to be implemented directly into iOS, that did not stop them for taking their current suite of apps to another level.

The iPhone version has received a remodeling of its business pages. Yelp changed the way many features on the business pages are displayed. The changes are applied to photos, review highlights, business details, tips, and reviews. Their goal was to focus on “aesthetics and efficiency” with this new update. The iPhone update also includes a new “pull to view” feature designed to offer a quicker way for users to see a gallery for a business.

The new version also added Yelp Insights. This provides much more details on the demographics of certain business targets.

yelpupdate   Yelp Launches Update For iOS And Web Applications [Updates]

On iPad, users can edit business information directly from the app. Users can also add photos and vote on reviews with the click of a button.

photo e1343400948451   Yelp Launches Update For iOS And Web Applications [Updates]

The web app has also gained some great new functionality. It supports logins with user accounts. To go along with this, users can leave tips, and create and view bookmarks.

Yelp keeps improving their apps, and with the integration into iOS 6 coming in short order, they are looking to do some big things on the mobile scene.

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