Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

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Free Stamp   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A WeekThe internet is loaded with free stuff, from trial software to sites that offer free samples and coupons. Unfortunately, the good stuff is drowned in a sea of scams and dubious survey sites. And even if you do find free offers from trustworthy sources, you have to ask yourself, why are they giving away a perfectly fine product for free? Is this a genuine offer or do they want to collect your personal information, get you to buy more later, or in one way or the other make you advertise their brand?

In most cases there is a calculated reason behind every free giveaway. However, as long as you are aware of the reason, you can benefit without paying a price. Set up a secondary email address to avoid spam and be very greedy with your time and personal data. Then you’re all set to hunt for genuine free stuff. Ready? Below is your schedule for an entire week of collecting awesome freebies.

Monday: Free Classical Album

Mondays are hectic and full of work. Start your freebie week with a key ingredient to a relaxed evening on the couch: a classical music album. Every week, you can listen to a Classical.com Editor’s choice album for free. The album is streamed directly from the website and if you have an account with Classical.com, you can create a playlist and loop the album.

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Classical Free Listening   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

Tuesday: Free Software from Giveaway of the Day & MakeUseOf Rewards

You survived Monday. This should leave you with enough energy to check into Giveaway of the Day, collect some points on MakeUseOf, and trade them in for cool software.

Wednesday: Free Products and Samples

Companies are dying for you to buy their products and tell your friends about them. The competition for customers is tough. This puts you – the customer – in a great position to get free stuff and great deals. If you have some time to kill in the middle of the week, browse the following sites and sign up for newsletters to be alerted of new freebies:

SampleStuff   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

Also read How To Get Companies To Send You Free Stuff With No Catches and How To Save Money By Couponing Online & With Mobile Apps.

Thursday: Free Android & iOS Apps

The week is dragging along and it’s almost weekend, but not quite. Cheer yourself up with a free app for your smartphone or tablet from one of these sites:

Free App a Day   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

Friday: HostelWorld Pocket Guides

This is the end of a busy week. Are you feeling like it’s time for a little getaway? The best way to pick a place to go and decide on what to do is to browse tourist guides. HostelWorld is offering free pocket guides for all its most popular cities from Africa to South America. The guides come in PDF format and can be printed or – better yet – stored on your smartphone or tablet.

HostelWorld Free Pocket Guides   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

Didn’t find a pocket guide for your destination? Have a look at [NO LONGER WORKS] TravelGuidesFree for more material.

Saturday: Free Stuff via Listia

In many households, Saturday is cleaning day. When you’re tired of chasing dust bunnies and getting those chores done, how about clearing some old stuff you no longer need and exchanging it for something new? Sites like Listia make this possible. How it works is you auction off your old stuff for points, which you can then use to bid for stuff someone else no longer needs. You get 500 credits just for signing up, so you can start bidding right away.

Listia   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

We have previously profiled Listia on the MakeUseOf Directory. And in the following article you can find more ways to Get Free Stuff, Give Away Your Junk & Save The Planet The Freecycle Way.

Sunday: Free Ebooks and Music via Hundred Zeros & Sound Sunday

On Sunday, it’s time to restock your reading and listening material for the week ahead. First, browse the continuously updated list of Amazon best-sellers and download a free ebook of your choice to your Kindle, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Hundred Zeros Free Ebooks   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

You can find more free ebooks on eReaderIQ and eBookJunkie.

Next, stop by Sound Sunday and browse the latest free albums. You can preview each album before you download it. Also stop by 7digital for their daily Featured Free MP3.

Sound Sunday Album Preview   Yay, Free Stuff: How To Get A Freebie Every Day For A Week

Struggling to stay on top of all the free stuff online? You might want to Get Notified On Freebies And Other Deals With These 8 ifttt Recipes.

Do you know of other places to get free stuff? Please share your sources with us!

Image credits: Free Stamp via Shutterstock

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G. Calamita

Another great web site that offers free professional apps downloadable and installable even after one day (24 hours) is http://www.bitsdujour.com/free-software-track/wiNW6N/http_253a_252f_252fwww_2Ebitsdujour_2Ecom/

Thank you.


Thanks for adding BitsduJour!

Saeef Alam

LOL. I LOVE some of these ideas you guys have for lists.

Ellen Quinones

Who doesn’t love free stuff? :)

Sam Kar

Thanks Tina. A weekful of freebies!!


me love free anything :P

cranepuffin – kim c.

Nice – thanks for the heads up on where to go for apps & eBooks. I’m always looking for these and you provided an easy to find list!

Roberta Boe

Amazing post! Love free stuff!

druv vb

Free stuff is always good to have. Thanks for making our days so lively. And hats off for the effort you make for us

Mike Vannelli

great list! thanks!

Edwin Williams

Wooot! Free stuff every day!

Adrian Rea

Something Makeuseof does is give new, free content every day. What a bargain!

salim benhouhou

thank you a lot Tina

Yang Yang Li

GiveAwayOfTheDay.com <== Check it out!
Cannot beat this site.


It’s nice to know that there are still free stuffs to get!


This is a great article. I love freebies and being a bit of a nerd, most of these are of interest to me.



I edited your comment and removed your email address. It’s not a good idea to post it publicly as spam bots may pick it up and as a result you might receive tons of spam in your inbox.

Glad you enjoyed the article!

Yashodhan Bhatt

Can you please tell what all stuff id there for folks in India?



Are you referring to what is listed for Wednesday and Saturday. I don’t know of any particular offers or swap sites for India. However, it was a very good idea to ask this question on Answers. Hopefully you’ll get suggestions from fellow country(wo)men there!

In case anyone else from India sees this comment, this is the question I am referring to: Is there a website that offers free samples and stuff to folks in India?

Patrick Saunders

You appeal to my freeloader heart…..

Prashant Mohta

Every body likes freebie , sundays !…

Mac Witty

How don’t love freebies!

Kishen Raj

Well it’s worth a try to get the best one.


Free stuff is great except when it leads to possible maleware attacks. The $100 NFL gift card on Totally free stuff is a scam. Leads to a bogus Facebook survey. Just a word of caution. $100 Monday Night Football NFL Gift Card is to good to believe!

Tina Sieber

Thanks for the heads-up Kimchi!

Since Totally Free Stuff!! is curated by users, scams can make it on the list. However, you can always leave a comment, report the offer as a scam, and give the user a bad rating for it.

V. Ravensbergen

Great list! Just a pity that the free travel guides are very limited if you´re looking for South America, I would have loved them.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Giveawayoftheday is daily, for everyone who don’t get the message. Its sister site, game.giveawayoftheday.com gives free commercial games every weekend.


I love free stuff.I wish everything to be free

Gravity Dead

got a great list there :)

Mac Witty

I like http://appshopper.com/
and a windows user here check http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/

Efi Dreyshner

I love free stuff! :P
Thanks (:

Bradley Steynbergh


Prasanth Mathialagan


Don’t forget Free Fridays at Barnes and Noble. Every friday, they offer one free e-book. Sometimes fiction, sometimes non-fiction; it’s a great way to try new authors or explore new subjects.


Thanks for the tip, Claire!

Mary Jo Heiberger

Love free stuff

Efrain Morales

Thumbs up to Giveawayoftheday.com, I obtained some awesome apps from there daily giveaways!

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