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Even if you belong to a mid-sized company, you will have surely experienced the hassles of booking and using the meeting rooms. With a number of people wanting to use the rooms, there are bound to be overlaps and “oh we didn’t know it was occupied” moments. YaRooms is a meeting room planner that can take care of that by letting you manage all your meetings rooms online.

You can create as many users as you want and each user/employee gets the option to reserve a meeting room online within few seconds. A quick overview of all your meeting rooms tell you which rooms are occupied and which are buys, hence avoiding conflicts. The tool works with multiple time zones and even lets you assign resources like projectors and white boards to particular rooms.

Note: The tool is completely free while in beta.

meeting room planner


  • Manage meeting rooms online.
  • Quick check status or book a room.
  • Works with unlimited users and multiple time zones.
  • Search for rooms and even assign resources to them.
  • Free while in beta.
  • Similar tools: Orb

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