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YardSaleTreasureMap in an online yard sale locator map that shows locations of yard sales in your area. Enter your address, select one of the days (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) and click search. The site will then pull yard sale listings from Craigslist and map them on top the area map.

Eash yard sale listing is marked with the marker. Click on the marker to get further details for each yard sale. If you’re aware of any yard sale that it not the map there is an option to add it.

yard sale locator


  • Find yard sales in your area.
  • The site maps all yard sale listing from Craigslist.
  • Sort locations by radius and the day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
  • Contribute by adding locations you know.
  • No signup needed.

Check out YardSaleTreasure Map @ www.yardsaletreasuremap.com

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Harumph. Seached for yard sales in NYC, and it turned up (1) Chico, Ca, (2) Troy NY, (3) Saratoga Springs. Somehow, 11th & Chestnut (sounds like Philly, no?) with PST got put in Chelsea, NYC. Worm-holes?

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