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Yam is a web based tool for planning and organizing meetings. What differentiates it from the other meeting planners out there is its list of advanced features. It provides the ability to capture data and information related to the meeting, collaborate with the attendees, analyze things using its built-in tools, integrate with Outlook, Skype and WebEx, and many more such features. It’s currently offering a year long free trial so you might want to give it a shot.

meeting organisation

meeting collaboration

The analysis tools it offers includes SWOT analysis, pro/con analysis, priorities analysis, and lets you turn minutes of meeting into action items that can be shared among the team members. Overall, an all-in-one solution for organizing meetings effectively.


  • Web based meeting planner and organizer.
  • Lot of advanced features available.
  • Free to use for a year.
  • Integrates with tools like Skype, Outlook and WebEx.
  • Various analysis tools like SWOT analysis, priorities analysis etc available.
  • Similar tools: MeetMe, Congregar, MeetWithMe, Doodle, PermaTime, NeedtoMeet, MeetWithAgenda and TimeBridge.

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