YakiToMe: Convert Text Files to Speech

YakiToMe is a web-based text to speech application that allows you to convert text files to MP3 or WAV audio files which can be later downloaded and played on your MP3 player. It is a great free service for converting practically anything into voice and listen to it on the go. It is also possible to playback converted text files online. Convert RSS feeds, word documents, ebooks etc.

yakitome   YakiToMe: Convert Text Files to Speech

Features :

  • Covert text documents to MP3 or WAV audio files.
  • Supported file formats: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .html, RSS and eMail.
  • Download and save audio files to your computer or portable device.
  • Search and subscribe to files created by other users.
  • Share audio files with others by making them public.
  • Works with documents in English, French and Spanish.
  • Voice, speech speed, pronunciation controls are available.

Check out YakiToMe @ www.yakitome.com

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TakiToMe is in Beta stage. It certainly is. If you’ve got time to loose, try it. I mean, you do have to get registered first, in order to discover the ultimate of a crappy web app. Eternity to have but 3 words synthesized, that is, if the page doesn’t simply break…

Gosh, why do some not just try to get things working before announcing what appears to be craps?

Made me lose 20 minutes :)


YAKiToMe!, I must recognize I wrote in loss of a certain control, being upset blinded me to other explanations. I should have repeated later on my experience on your site before crying to the world my frustration. Sorry for that.

I’ll be back to YAKiToMe.com, aware this time, of myself as well. I do wish all the best to a website which already has numerous adepts and which holds a very interesting service.

All the best, long live YAKiToMe.com :)


Unfortunately, Transcontinental visited the site during a maintenance outage by our ISP, so YAKiToMe! didn’t have much control over Transcontinental’s experience. Suffice to say that we have thousands of satisfied users who have converted many tens of thousands of documents without incident over the last few months. These documents range in size from a few words to well over a thousand pages. Numerous positive online reviews in recent days has caused a spike in traffic that has loaded our server and slowed things down. We watch traffic carefully and will do our best to manage the load with our modest resources in order to give our users a positive experience. Again, we regret that Transcontinental had such a negative experience but we seriously doubt it had anything to do with our software quality. We’ve surveyed our users and 97% rate our quality as good to excellent.


The herd thanks you.