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Search engine Yahoo! may be down, but it’s not out. They’re still trying to find ways to remain relevant, and one way of doing that is a new app search feature.

It is what it says. When you search for a keyword on Yahoo! you will now receive app results when appropriate. They are above the main search results, but also below the paid advertisements. App search results include reviews, pricing and detailed information about the app’s features and requirements. You’ll be given a selection of suggested apps below the most relevant result.

There’s also an App Gallery section of Yahoo! that acts as the front page for app search. Here you’ll find categories and a scrolling selection of featured apps. As you might expect, there are separate sections for iPhone and Android, but the layout is the same for both.

Once you find an app that you’d like to download you can do so by clicking on the pricing button beside the app’s icon. Since this is only a search engine and not a store, you can’t download directly from it. Instead, you are redirected to the iTunes App Store How To Create A US iTunes Account (& Access US-Only Contents) Without A Credit Card How To Create A US iTunes Account (& Access US-Only Contents) Without A Credit Card Due to copyright issues, the iTunes Store 'discriminates' against users based on their geographical location. While the US and a few other selected iTunes stores have all the goodies, other countries are extremely limited. To... Read More or Android Market via a link or QR Code Are QR Codes Just A Fad? [Opinion] Are QR Codes Just A Fad? [Opinion] I remember the first time I encountered a QR code. I didn’t have a smartphone yet, so my reaction was "Hey, what’s this weird block of pixels?" It was only when I purchased my first... Read More .

Is app search really a valid alternative to the app stores that already exist? I’m not sure about the iPhone, since I don’t own one and haven’t used the iTunes app store in a few months. Google’s search results on the Android Market, however, still leave a lot to be desired. Yahoo! seems to do a better job.


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