Yahoo Sportacular: A Sports App For Fan And Geek Alike [Android]

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yahoo sportacular appStay up-to-the-second with scores from your favorite sports teams. With support for most sports – including the NHL, NBA, NFL and several different football (soccer) leagues – Yahoo’s Sportacular app for Android is the easiest way to always know what’s happening with the games you love. Be notified of every point in real time, or check the scores and standings whenever you want.

There are sports fans, and then there are sports geeks. Fans are sure not to miss a moment of their favorite team, whereas geeks like to dig into the statistics and find patterns (whether they exist or not). Some people are both fans and geeks, of course, but fans and geeks look for different things from this app.

The fan in you can be notified when a game involving one of your favorite teams begins; the geek can explore league-wide stats to find the perfect player for a fantasy team. The fan in you can be notified every time your favorite team scores a point; the geek can browse every stat from every game in the league, every night.

I’m not usually Yahoo’s biggest fan, but they knocked it out of the park with this one (to use a metaphor from a sport I don’t really understand). A must for sports fans and geeks alike.

Real Time Statistics

Open this app and you’ll immediately see up-to-the-second scores from around your league of choice. For me this is hockey, because I have good taste:

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yahoo sportacular app
You can browse the scores of past days – or check the schedule of upcoming ones – by swiping this page to the left or right, respectively.

Your favorite teams – chosen by you – show up at top, if applicable. You can pick as many favorite teams as you like across as many different sports and/or leagues as you want. Tap any game to see more of what’s going on. Here’s what that looks like for a game that’s in progress:

yahoo sportacular android
If the game is in progress, you’ll see see all of the most recent plays, summarized, below the score. It’s not a replacement for watching a game, obviously, but if you’re on the go (or at work) it just might be the next best thing to having live video.

You can set your phone or tablet to notify you every time a particular thing happens in a given game, which is nice if you want to stay up-to-date:

yahoo sportacular android
You can similarly set up notifications for all games involving your favorite teams; be sure to explore the settings for that functionality.

If a given game is over, you can check out the results, complete with an article summarizing the game, a list of every play in the game and stats for every player involved.

yahoo sportacular android
Want a broader perspective? You’ll find standings, news from around the league and more in the app. Explore and you’ll find it all quickly.

yahoo sportacular ipad

Supported Leagues

Football, hockey, tennis, golf, American football – whatever games you love to watch, this app’s got you covered. Here’s the complete list of supported sports, just in case you’re curious:

yahoo sportacular ipad
Explore all the sports you’re interested in and mark your favorite teams in each. Do this and you can turn on notifications for these teams, meaning you’ll never miss a game or point related to them:

yahoo sportacular app
The fan in you will know when to turn on the TV and watch. The geek in you will be able to closely monitor every play. And you, yourself, will be happier for it.

Download Sportacular

Ready to check this out? Download Sportacular from Google Play and you’ll be well on your way. Enjoy!

The above review is based on the Yahoo Sportacular app for Android, but there is a similar app for iOS. Download Sportacular for iPhone here


As I said: you can mark any team as one of your favorites. However, if you grew up with the Toronto Maple Leafs, you will be doomed to follow them the rest of your life, regardless of where you live. And they will never do well, but they’ll also never do poorly enough to get decent draft picks. And if they do, they will trade them away for American wingers that never come through when it counts. You will be forced to watch mediocre hockey every year, at least until the playoffs.

Sorry about that. I clearly have personal issues. Happily I married a Detroit Red Wings fan, so I do get to see a team win from time to time – and thanks to this app I can monitor what’s happening with one team on my tablet as we watch another one on TV. It’s a perfect arrangement, really.

Want to get into sports, but aren’t sure about all those rules? Learn the rules to majors sports with these slick iOS apps

Oh, and ESPN’s Sportscenter also keeps track of scores, if you want an alternative, or you could check out 365Sports for iOS as well.

Which app do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below, or just discuss whether you’re a sports fan or a sports geek. I think I’m both, personally…but only when it comes to hockey.

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Really good if you don’t care about professional sports, but have to survive in Redneck country


Ground__Zero maehz

i will be happy if there is a similiar one for the PCs


G Walz

Cool app. I’ll have to check it out.

As a Vikings fan, I can relate to your pains with the Leafs and marriage to a fan of a winning team. I married a Packers fan. If anything, it allowed me to see what it’s like to watch a team win a Super Bowl.

Justin Pot

Oh man…at least in my case the teams are in different conferences. The Vikings and the Packers are bitter rivals, aren’t they?

G Walz

They sure are. It makes for some rough Sundays.

Maybe when the NHL re-aligns and puts the Leafs and Wings in the same conference, you can experience the joy.

Justin Pot

Sounds kind of fun. We’ll see what happens.



I prefer Google Now for following my team’s current games games but this is great for following all games in league or group (e.g. Top 25 NCAA BB). Wish there was a paid app to get rid of ads.

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