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When Google rolled out its Instant Search, many were impressed with the speed of search results loading as users typed their query. But it did not cause much of a change in search experience. Now Yahoo! has taken some lessons from Google Instant and created a better product in Search Direct. This tool provides direct access to top results as you complete a query to provide a richer and more intuitive search engine.

yahoo search direct

All the search within Yahoo! Direct happens right below the query, making it more apparent and usable for the searcher. Like Google Instant, search results changes character by character, with the search suggestion in the left column and the top sites in the right column. Depending on the search query, you can view trending searches, search previews , direct answers for queries like weather, address, stocks, photos, videos, Twitter results, and more.

This change is a nice step for Yahoo to improve their search experience and build something that extends what competitors can do with search. One drawback with Search Direct is that it does not provide direct results for long-tail queries, which Google Instant does – but we can expect that to improve soon.


  • Similar to Google Instant.
  • Provide top results as you type.
  • Shows suggested results.
  • Shows  trending queries before you type.
  • Shows Twitter results.

Check out Yahoo! Search Direct @



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