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If you’re a Flickr member but you haven’t been using the Flickr iPhone camera app (Free), you may just start doing so after you get your hands on its new filter-rich update and other added features.

iPhone camera apps are plentiful, but the new Flickr Mobile App seeks to up the standards with a fresh set of eighteen filters and photo effects to choose from. Now before you yawn, you should know that not only can you scroll through and preview filters to see how they will affect your selected photo, but the new feature also allows you customize applied filters to get the look you want.

In the new update you can tap on the pencil icon of a filter and then pinch to adjust the vignetting and/or blur the background or edges of an image.

For advanced shutter bugs, the mobile app includes exposure, color balance, levels, sharpening and cropping tools so you don’t have to open your images in another app to edit them. If you’re looking for even more professional editing, tap on the crop tool and you get yet another set of tools for rotating, flipping, and cropping an image to one of four aspect ratios, e.g., 4:3, 1×1, and 16×9. And as with previous versions of the app, you can upload photos to your Flickr account for public or private viewing.


If all these controls sound like too many bells and whistles, then just tap the magic enhancement tool and you’ll more than likely get results better than your original shot, and sufficient enough for sharing.

It seems with this latest update Yahoo! is making clear that it’s still squarely in the photo sharing business along side the popular Instagram. Let us know what you think of the new upgrades.

Source: Techive

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