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Instead of rolling yet another web browser, has released Axis, a search and browsing plug-in tool that integrates with leading web browsers. Yahoo! Axis also integrates with compatible iOS web browser apps for accessing and conducting Axis searches, bookmarks, and browsing sessions on your mobile device.

To use Axis you will of course need a Yahoo! account. After you download and install Axis in your browser of choice (it works with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari), the plug-in opens at the bottom of your browser window. It also connects to your Axis homepage, as seen below.

Using Axis, you can conduct searches from any webpage you’re currently on. As you type a query in the search box, Axis does predictive search and delivers small preview pages of search results. You can also browse photos and other content without leaving your current page.

All your bookmarked and “Read Later” pages can be accessed from your Axis homepage where items are categorized into bookmarked folders, “Read Later”, and “Continue from Device”. You click on the “Web Search” button at the bottom left of the mini browser to access image searches and conduct more specific queries. You click on the bookmark icon on the top-right side of the browser to edit your bookmarks and add folders.


The iOS version of Yahoo! Axis integrates with your Axis account and syncs your bookmarks, folders and saved pages to your mobile device. The app is compatible with all devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

Source: Macworld

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