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Yahoo Yahoo! Overhauls Flickr, Now Offers 1 TB Of Free Storage For All Users [Updates] Yahoo! Overhauls Flickr, Now Offers 1 TB Of Free Storage For All Users [Updates] In one inspiring move, Yahoo! has upped the ante by offering a full 1 Terabyte of space to all Flickr users, and by updating the already-dated Flickr interface. To put things into perspective, 1 TB... Read More has been a major contender in the world of technology in the past few months, and it appears that it has acquired a new ally during its progress: Facebook. Announced on Monday, Yahoo’s new name recycling program is set to utilize Facebook verification.

Yahoo recently set out to recycle usernames that have not been accessed in over a year. The new program will allow existing users to claim these names while still retaining their data. Facebook verification will add a whole new tier of functionality and ease for many users who are participating in the shift.

Yahoo’s Developer Network team’s own Bill Mills explained in a Yahoo blog post that social network verification will help validate users who desire to claim recycled names.

“If a Facebook user with a Yahoo! email account submits a request to reset their password, Facebook would add the Require-Recipient-Valid-Since header to the reset email, and the new header would signal to Yahoo! to check the age of the account before delivering the mail,” the blog post said. “Facebook users typically confirm their email when they sign up for the service or add new emails to their account, and if the ‘last confirmed’ date that Facebook specifies in the Require-Recipient-Valid-Since header is before the date of the new Yahoo! username ownership, then the email will not be delivered and will instead bounce back to Facebook, who will then contact the user by other means.”

The purge deadline already passed on Sunday, and users interested in formerly-claimed names can now fill in a wishlist of up to five names that they desire. Interested users will be notified of available choices soon.


How do you feel about Yahoo’s Facebook verification? Do you think Yahoo should have purged unused names?

Source: Yahoo via ZDNet

  1. Jim
    August 3, 2013 at 10:07 am

    This is getting too bizarre.

    If you are like me you follow issues in the news that are usually not properly covered by the mainstream. That concerns you. So. You end up wanting to lend your two cents in posts that appear at the end of online articles which you either support or do not support. But you know your perspective/comment/post on the issue is contrary to the mainstream ruse that everyone in power is as pure as the driven snow. You know. Lilly white.

    So to avoid the repercussions of saying it like it is and being singled out for a terrorist watch list, you create a new email for your post(s). The issue you commented on soon fades, but then by chance one day you use that old email as an alternate contact for some other email system.

    Then it gets pulled and now you have no way of retrieving your password reset info, and eventually your NSA monitored comments can be tied directly to you.

    Comments like this, for example.

    Wouldn't it be sweet if the NSA and CIA simply woke up one morning and realized that they were created to implement and legitimize activities that are aimed to destroy the reputation of our national sovereignty. A treasonous activity by anyone's measure.

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