Yahoo Mail Gets Multitasking With Keyboard Shortcuts To Help Your Productivity

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Yahoo Mail brings multitasking to the web email interface. Yahoo Mail will display three different types of activities you have performed in your inbox. Click on Recent View (located just below the Folders link) to reveal messages you’re composing, recently opened emails and your latest search. The Recent View will enable users to switch from one activity within the inbox to another without opening another browser tab.

The Recent View is a simplified way to multitask while working on your emails. The introduction of this feature has come from user feedback and the realization that opening too many tabs hardly works for true productivity. Now, you can quickly jump between emails, search results and drafts.


To keep it manageable, Recent View will only display the ten most recent emails. You can also cycle easily between your emails with the help of keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can cycle to the next item easily with the shortcut Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] on Windows and Command +[ and ?+] on Mac. Individual emails in the listings can be manually removed with a click on a little “x” icon with the mouse.

The new feature is being gradually rolled out. Yahoo said that it is working hard to improve the email experience. This enhancement follows the complete revamp of Yahoo Mail just a month back. Are you a Yahoo Mail user? What do you think about the new feature that allows you to work better with your emails?

Source: Yahoo Blog

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It must be that this is for the full-fledged Yahoo! Mail–I have Yahoo! Mail Basic, and I don’t see anything like this.

I will not switch back to the full-fledged Yahoo! Mail because it was EXTREMELY slow and BLOATED. Trying to scroll up and down was like trying to slog through a bog.



This downgrade of Yahoo Mail is do annoying. They should just bring back the old version.


s k

This is such a poor, poor answer to users’ fury over the removal of tabs. The new version of yahoo mail is terrible on every aspect. It is incredibly stressful to deal with a product that has regressed to become utterly unmanageable. Who is thinking at Yahoo? Why don’t they reply to customers’ complaints?

Saikat B

I can’t but help feel that a simpler design would have won approval, instead of trying to do too much.

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