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Creative Commons images have lots of takers and find a place in everything from presentations to blogging. There are lots of ways to search for Creative Commons images labeled for reuse. Yahoo just put its own hat in the ring. Now, with the help of Yahoo Image Search, you can tap into Flickr and its huge databank of Creative Commons images. This is the second coming of Flickr and CC-licensed images to Yahoo. It was retired when Bing came to the fore as the search engine of choice on Yahoo.

Yahoo has announced that the search feature is now available in Yahoo! Image Search across web and mobile devices. Head for Yahoo Image Search on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and start your search with a query. Open the left panel by clicking on the arrow. Head below to the last option – Any Usage Rights. Click on Labeled for Reuse.

Hover over the thumbnail to see any details about the photo, like the photographer’s name. Click on the thumbnail to open it up in full-glory. You can see the attribution information below the photo. Also, if you want to see more photos by the same photographer, just click the “i” and you can see the rest of their photostream on Flickr.

The large thumbnails and fewer clicks to access make it easy to trawl through Flickr’s reservoir of Creative Commons photos.

Source: Yahoo Search Blog via Search Engine Land


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