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Yahoo Clues was recently launched by Yahoo to help users see the trends related to a search query and who the people are searching for it. You can enter a search term in the “Find Trends” sidebar on the left and it pulls up loads of data showing searches over time, demographic data like income levels of people searching for that phrase, their gender, age, location, and other similar search trends.

yahoo search trends

The data is presented in the form of colorful graphs and icons, as you can see above. You may also compare two search queries side by side and see the differences between the corresponding search trends. Overall, a nice tool for those interested in Yahoo search trends around the world.


  • Discover search trends and user demographics.
  • Compare two search queries.
  • Data includes searches over time, gender, income, age and location of search users.
  • Everything neatly organized in the form of graphs and illustrations.
  • Similar sites: Booshaka, Trendistic and Google Insights.

Check out Yahoo Clues @

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