xVideoServiceThief – Ultimate Download Manager for Online Videos

xvideothief   xVideoServiceThief   Ultimate Download Manager for Online VideosxVideoServiceThief is an open source online video downloader designed specifically for just downloading videos from Youtube and alike video sharing websites.

I know there are dozens if not more Youtube downloaders out there but this one is really different. Let’s quickly go over some of its features.

1. Cross Platform

The program is available for Windows (both XP and Vista), Mac and Linux PCs. So it can be installed pretty much everywhere.

2. Download more than one video at a time

As you would expect from any other download manager it can download several files simultaneously. In the screenshot below you can see that I was downloading 4 videos at the same time.

xvideothief video download   xVideoServiceThief   Ultimate Download Manager for Online Videos

3. Built-in video converter

xVideoServiceThief comes with integrated video converter which can convert downloaded videos to AVI (Windows), WMV, MPEG 1/2, MP4 (Apple iPod), 3GP (mobile phone) and MP3 formats. For more advanced users there are optional settings to control the output video resolution, audio sampling and video frame rates.

xvideothief settings   xVideoServiceThief   Ultimate Download Manager for Online Videos

The really cool thing about it is that it can be fully automated. You simpy enter the URL of the video you want to download and xVideoServiceThief will then download, automatically convert it to the selected video format and store it in the specified folder. Sweet.

4. Supports 50+ Video Websites

xVideoServiceThief can handle videos from 50+ video sharing sites. I have successfully tested it with videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Video and some other popular video sharing sites. Other than a couple of errors with Metacafe videos there were no problems whatsoever.

The full list of sites xVideoServiceThief can download videos from:

* 123video
* 5min
* aBum
* Aniboom
* Bebo
* Blip
* Boingboing TV
* Break
* Broadcaster
* Caught On Video
* Ceknito
* CinemaVIP
* Clip4e
* ClipFish
* Dailymotion
* Dumpalink
* GameSpot
* GameTrailers
* Glumbert
* Google Video
* GodTube
* LiveVideo
* Lulu TV
* Metacafe
* MySpaceTv
* MySpass
* MyVideo
* Sclipo
* Spike
* Stage6
* Tu.tv
* Tudou
* Video.ca
* VideoLeak
* Yahoo Video
* Yikers
* YourFileHost
* YouTube
* YouTubeIslam
* Zaable
* ZanyVideos
* ZappInternet
* Zedge
* ZippyVideos
* Zuuble

Other Cool Features

    * Pause/resume downloads (though the pause/resume feature doesn’t work for all websites)
    * Session Manager: Save/Restore your download lists
    * Keeps a list of all downloaded videos (Date + Title + URL)
    * Control which websites are allowed and which websites must be blocked.

Download xVideoServiceThief.

Do you ever download online videos? What software or websites do you use? Let us know in the comments.

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I think I’ll stick with Keepvid and Filsh, both online. Keepvid gives me the link, Filsh is an online converter that works extremely well.


I treid dozens of online downloaders and convertes but xVideoServiceThief just make the whole thing a lot easier.

Intelligent Coward

Free Download Manager… It has an expanding list of supported sites but otherwise it does the same, plus you have the other features of uploads, bittorrent, and html downloading.




For Youtube only (as far as I know), some softwares, like ‘Easy Video Downloader’ for instance, allow downloading of the original AVI High-Quality format of the video, when available. xVideoServiceThief doesn’t seem to propose that option. It does include format conversion but, for Youtube, there’s no point it converting a FLV to AVI (with quality loss) when native AVI is available. For other websites and/or FLV Youtube, remains interesting.


thanks for the tip, i had no idea about that certain videos are available in high quality AVI format. Is there a way to check this before downloading a video?


@Aibek, ‘Easy Video Downloader’ that I use has a checkbox for downloading original AVI HQ format (YouTube only), when available. ‘Easy Video Downloader’ is here : http://www.videodownloader.fdrlab.com/


Thanks for the quick reply mate, going to download it right now.


Having just searched for Free Download Manager, Easy Video Downloader, AND xVideoServiceThief, I believe they are all only for Windows (though I see xVideoServiceThief promises a MacOS Version soon)?


…as is Easy Video Downloader, apparently (Windows only), so looks like I’ll be using xVideoServiceThief!


Oh dear, now it seems that Easy Video Downloader, AND xVideoServiceThief, are ALSO only for Windows (though I see xVideoServiceThief promises a MacOS Version soon).


Yes, xVST is working on their Mac version now. Though there is alternative that you can try. It’s an Adobe air app called Bookmash (bookmash.com/), definitely check it out. I have tested it a bout two weeks ago and planning to do a story onit sometimes in the future.


i’d like to dowload files from this kind of url : rai.tv/mpplaymedia/0,,RaiTre-In1-2h%5E17%5E130275,00.html

i’ve downloaded your program, but it doesn’t work.




Are you a Windows user? Mac? Linux?

Were you able to install the program?



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I choose the output format as MP4, but there’s no option to convert, nor will it convert

I am using the latest version