Xtranormal: Cool Online Flash Movie Maker

Xtranormal is a feature-rich and dead simple to use online flash movie maker. Using Xranormal you can easily create fancy looking 3D video clips without any professional video editing knowledge.

extranormal   Xtranormal: Cool Online Flash Movie Maker

If you want to wrap up a quick movie with the least effort as possible then simply select the actors and type in your script. Click “ACTION” and wait for Xtranormal to generate your movie clip.

On the other hand if you want to create something more colorful and interactive then make sure you go through all other available options i.e. background scenes, camera views, expressions, animations etc.

Once the movie is created you can share it with others by publishing it on Xtranormal website or embedding it onto your blog or website.


  • Create cool 3D flash movies online.
  • Easy to use movie editor with simple to follow interface.
  • Embed movies clips you have created onto your blog or profile page.
  • Browse and watch clips created by others.
  • Rate and comment on clips.
  • Check out most popular and recent clips

Check out sample video below:

Check out Xtranormal @ www.xtranormal.com

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