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Mathematics is a subject that many students dread. This is not because it is a difficult subject. The reason why many students dislike studying math is that at a younger age, they have not been taught math properly and in a fun way. If young children are taught math in a way that clarifies basic concepts in a stimulating and fun way, then their math learning in the future would be greatly assisted.

Here to help teachers and parents with this task of teaching students basic math concepts is the user friendly web service called XtraMath.

teaching basic math

XtraMath is a free to use web service that helps teachers and parents when it comes to teaching math to young students. Young children find it fun to use the computer therefore they will be enthusiastic about trying out XtraMath as a learning tool.

The way you start on the site is by creating a new account and then adding children to the list, along with their first names and the grade that they are in. They can then log into their account through the PIN given to you for each student.



When students log in, they find math questions that they need to answer correctly. Their progress is monitored by the website and the teachers / parents are made aware of student progress through their accounts. Thus by using these tests and knowing what the math strengths and weaknesses of your children are, you can help formulate a better teaching approach for the subject.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps you teach children basic math.
  • Offers quizzes and questions.
  • Lets you monitor student progress.
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Check out XtraMath @ 

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