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The web can be a very distracting place. If you don’t intentionally take time to slow down, your entire life can quickly become a series of work to do, links to click and people to contact.

Xoki is a web app that’s a bit of a non-app. Designed to offset information overload, Xoki displays a single-color page. Nothing else.

take a break and relax

The intent here is to give yourself a “moment of silence,” a way to stop inhaling information and simply take a break to relax.

This is perhaps more of an artistic statement than an actual application. Every day hundreds of web apps are created, all of which add to the potential distraction the Internet poses over work, friends and family. Xoki is a reaction to this; a way of saying “enough.”

You can pick what color you want to see, you can even create a “playlist” of colors to see or choose from popular colors. It’s a parody of what web apps are. What makes the statement most interesting is that some might actually find it a relaxing break to stare at a certain color on a computer screen when they could be going outside or talking to a friend.


take a break and relax


  • Display a single color on your screen.
  • Choose from popular colors.
  • Create a color slideshow.
  • Artistic statement against the information avalanche we all live in.

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