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XnRetro is a free to use cross-platform photo editing application that provides its users with a lot of retro digital image filters. The application comes in different versions for computers running Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. We gave the Windows version a try and were pleasantly surprised to learn that you do not need to install the application. All you have to do is download its compressed archive, extract its contents, and run the included executable file.

add retro filter to photo

The archive is sized at nearly 20 MB. When you open the application, you can point to an image that is stored on your computer. Supported image formats for input as well as output include PNG and JPEG. In the left pane you will find an image preview that is updated in real time. To apply filters, you can select a tab from the bottom that is labeled Retro.

The filters are labeled as numbers and you can try them all till you find one that appeals to you. There are other tabs labeled Light, Vignette, and Frame that let you add further special effects to your digital images.


For more precise control, the app provides you with the option to adjust the color, exposure, noise, and balance levels of your image. Sliders for these controls are present in the right pane of the application.


When you are done editing your image, you can save it locally or email it to a friend directly from within the application.


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