xMusic Player – A Fantastic Gesture-Based Music Player [iOS, Paid Apps Free]

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There is really nothing wrong with the music player on iOS. It has plenty of features and options that are able to do what you need them to. It is easy to use, and anyone who grabs an iOS device for the first time can easily play their music without any skill required. While that is all well and good, some users might be interested in grabbing something a little different to play the songs in their library.

Well, if you want something really cool, xMusic Player is the perfect application for you. It is a simple music player that allows you to control everything you do with your music without any buttons. How does this happen? It’s all done with simple, easy to remember gesture-based controls. Instead of pressing a button to skip a song, why not swipe the screen instead? If you want a different way to control your music, this is the perfect app for you.

Best of all, you can grab xMusic Player on the App Store free for a limited time. If you want to try out a cool gesture music player, but you don’t want to open your wallet to buy one, now is the time for you to download xMusic Player. It normally sells for $1.99, so if you want to save that much, hurry up and download the app!

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Using the App

When you first boot the app, it will guide you through a tutorial that explains each one of the gestures. It takes just a few seconds, and you will have a good understanding of how to move around the app, and how to control your music. After the tutorial finishes, the app will ask if you want to keep a link to it on the app’s main screen. If you say yes, you can click the button to come back to it at anytime, if not, you can bring it back it from the settings.

In case you don’t feel like going through the tutorial, here are some of the most important gestures:

  • Swipe left and right to skip tracks
  • Swipe up and down to change volume
  • Tap to play and pause
  • Drag from right edge to pick a song
  • Drag from top to change repeat mode
  • Drag from upper left to open the settings

Of course, there are more gestures in the application, but I will leave that to you to figure out. It may take a few uses to grow accustomed to the gestures, but once you get it down, it starts to feel incredibly natural.

The app also has the ability to find lyrics for the songs you are listening to. To get access to this, simply swipe from the left of the screen. It will not be able to get the lyrics for all songs, but it’s certainly a nice feature to have. It’s quite useful for when you are listening to your music and you cannot understand what the song is saying (as someone who listens to metal, this happens to me all the time).

The app has a settings screen, but like everything else with the app, you will not find a button for it. Instead, you need to drag in from the top of the left of the screen to pop the settings open. In the settings, you can change the appearance and preferences of the application. You can change the font and wallpapers within the music section. You can also choose whether the tutorial button is displayed.


If you are looking to ditch Apple’s default music player in favor of something a little more interesting, xMusic Player might just be the perfect application for you. It’s easy to use once you get used to the gestures, and best of all, you can grab it from the App Store free for a limited time.

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