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Xmarks  is a bookmark powered site directory which lets you assess how popular site is, what is it about, read user reviews and discover similar sites based on bookmarks from its user base. Similar sites are ranked based on the number of times they were bookmarked by Internet users. Due to its widespread user base, Xmarks even has information on niche sites. So for every topic you are interested in, you can find popular sites , browse similar sites or check  related topics .

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You can also install the Xmarks  plugin and bookmark, rate, tag or write reviews about sites in you visit.


  • Research sites, see how popular they are and discover similar sites based on the data from hundreds of millions of user bookmarks.
  • Browse similar sites, browse related topics, read user reviews and see site ratings.
  • Data collected from thousands of Internet users who have installed popular Firefox Xmarks bookmark manager plugin.
  • Research and find popular sites in any language or country.
  • To write reviews, rate and tag bookmarked sites in your browser, install the Xmarks browser plugin from the site.
  • Free, no registration.
  • Similar tools:  SimilarSites and SimilarWeb.

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