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If you are excited for Windows 8, and can’t wait to get rid of your Start menu now, you should check Xlaunchpad, which allows you to have a very Mac-like program launcher on Windows. It gives you a handy, beautiful way to get access to and launch all the the programs installed on your PC. It looks very similar to OSX Lion’s program launcher, and for users who want a more “Mac like” experience, this free program is the perfect solution.

windows program launcher

Once you install the program, you can quickly bring up your launcher by pressing F12 or dragging your mouse cursor to the top corner of the screen. You can also use XLaunchpad to open files and folders on your PC. You can easily rearrange music and your programs in files so you can find them quickly and easily whenever you need them.


What separates this from having files and folders just sitting on the desktop is that you can easily hide the launcher with just a click and keep your desktop free of clutter. It also supports multiple pages of apps and folders, so you can add way more items than you could on just the standard Windows desktop.



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