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Counting down the days to an event can be laborious, but thankfully we now have our smartphones to do it for us. That’s exactly what Xday does, a free Android app for those of you who are looking forward to your next birthday, holiday or important date. A tool for crunching time and numbers, Xday’s primary function is to count down the time till a specific date 6 Beautiful, Interesting & Versatile Timer Apps [Android] 6 Beautiful, Interesting & Versatile Timer Apps [Android] Time - it passes. Whether we like it or not, time’s inexorable progress cannot be stopped. So the least we can do is measure it, right? This morning I went in search of interesting Android... Read More .

Being an Android app, this goes hand in hand with a widget which you can put on your home screen Create Beautiful Widgets To Customize Your Droid [Android 2.2+] Create Beautiful Widgets To Customize Your Droid [Android 2.2+] If there's one thing almost every smartphone owner likes to do, it is customising their phone to make it just right. This includes themes, wallpaper, and choosing which apps and widgets to display on the... Read More .

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From then on checking how long till the big day only requires a glimpse, but Xday also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. The app can also work out other time-based calculations, such as how many minutes are left in a set period, how many days you have lived in your life and any other questions you decide to ask. You can save multiple countdowns or calculations for retrieval later, which makes the app perfect for keeping track of multiple dates and events.

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This free version uses adverts to generate revenue but you can unlock the full version for less than $1 if this bothers you. The app is open source, and works on Android version 2.2 and later.



  • Countdown the days to that important event.
  • Put countdown widgets on your home screen to check how long you have to wait with just a glance.
  • Use Xday to work out other time-related calculations, including the number of minutes or days in a set period.
  • Advert-supported, open source.

Download Xday for Android at Google Play

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