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Starting Monday, Microsoft made its streaming music service available to users on the web. This means users who are already subscribed to the service, or new members, can login and stream their music from their everyday browser, instead of being limited to certain devices.

Before this launch, the service was available on Windows 8 and RT tablets, Windows Phones and the Xbox 360. Potentially, this means Microsoft could open the door to sign up a lot more users, but that is provided the users are willing to give up on whatever method they use for consuming music at the moment.

Xbox Music offers a very similar system to that of Spotify, where users can sign up for a subscription and stream as much music as he or she wants. It also offers an iTunes-like model that allows users to purchase tracks. Lastly, it even borrows from Pandora with its artist-based radio stations.

A subscription to Xbox Music costs $9.99 a month if purchased one month at a time, or $99 if a user elects to sign up for an entire year from the onset. Either way, this puts it right around the price-point of many of its competitors, but of course, the company is facing an uphill fight since so many other services launched before it.

New users can check out the Xbox Music service with a 30-day free trial, but a payment method is required to take advantage of it. If you are bored with your current music service, and want to take a run at something new, Xbox Music might be a good option, especially now that it is available almost anywhere thanks to its new web player.


Source: Mashable

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