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Do you have a website with a naked domain problem? This happens your website doesn’t work, unless the user adds the “www” prefix to the domain name. This can be quite a cause for concern since most web users are used to the conventional domain names that do not require the “www” prefix. WWWizer is a web service that allows you to solve this naked domain name problem easily. With the WWWizer, you can automatically redirect your non-www domain to its corresponding www domain for free, or make your website available under the naked domain address without having to redirect.

non-www to www redirect

Using WWWizer is very easy. To utilize their free, naked domain redirect service, all you have to do is point your naked domain to You do not have to sign up at all to use this service. On the other hand, if you don’t want your visitors to see the “www” prefix in their address bar while the content from the non-naked domain is displayed, then you should avail of the naked domain proxy service. That service costs US$5 per month per domain name with 5 GB of traffic included, and excess traffic will cost you US$1 per GB.
WWWizer is a fast, no-frills, and practical solution to solve your naked domain name problem on your website as you don’t even have to change your DNS to make it work. While getting this done is pretty easy with the canonical tags, this method is more ideal for website owners who want this functionality without dabbling in code.


  • Provides solutions to the naked domain problem
  • Redirects naked domain for free
  • Creates a proxy for naked domains
  • Easy to use
  • No signup is necessary for the naked domain redirect

Check out WWWizer @

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