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Having trouble editing your .htaccess file ? Enter htaccessEditor – simple online utility that can automatically generate a properly formatted .htaccess file for your website. You simply select the configurations you want and it instantly generates the code. All you need to do is copy and paste that code into your .htaccess file and you’re good to go.

If you have no idea what .htaccess is, it’s better if you skip this post. Even though .htaccess editor is fully automated you still need a fairly good knowledge about it.

Online .htaccess editor


  • Deny all access to files: Allow/Deny
  • Error page: Create custom error pages.
  • Default page: Specify default page for your domain (index.htm, index.php, start.htm etc.)
  • Setup WWW: Force all domain requests to www version.
  • Redirect directives: Setup 301/302 page redirects.
  • Access restriction: Deny access to certain directories.

Check out .htaccess Editor @

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