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Web apps that allow you to take notes provide great portability. You can save notes on the web app using one computer, then access and modify the same note from any place through the internet. Wrttn is one online note taking solution that sets itself apart from the competition.

fast note taking

Normally note taking apps focus on absolute simplicity; consequently they leave out formatting and customization options. Wrttn is a free note taking web app that provides a number of formatting and customization options without cluttering the interface with excessive buttons. If you want a word to appear in bold, you type it between asterisks like *word*. Controls for underlining, italics, and other formatting options are provided on the site.

Another notable feature of Wrttn is that you can embed videos from YouTube and other websites in your note.

simple note taking


For each note a unique URL is generated that you can share with your friends. This is separate from the “Admin URL” that you use to edit the note. You can also obtain an embeddable code for the note to use on your blog or website.


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