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Writer is a simple online text editor for anyone looking for a distraction free tool to write something. It has a clean black background with full screen mode. Unlike MS Word it doesn’t have a huge feature gallery, but only the essential ones. As you type your text writer will automatically save the document every few minutes. It also saves the current file everytime you open a new document. Registration is not required, though if you do register you will be able to come back and retrieve the documents later.

Writer - Distraction-free Internet Typewriter


  • Write text in distraction-free environment.
  • Option to switch to full-screen writing mode. Press F11.
  • Automatically saves text every few minutes.
  • Text preferences: Customize text color, font type and line spacing.
  • Download and save documents as .txt file.
  • Share text documents with others or keep them private.
  • Other features: word count, email text to friend, print etc.

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