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Every writer desires a writing environment that is peaceful and free from distractions. This does not only mean that one should be away from external noise, but also that the computer application being used should minimize any other non-writing distractions. Here to offer such a writing environment to its users is a browser application called Writer for Chrome.

distraction free writing environment

Writer is a free to use application that comes as a browser application for Google Chrome. It aims to provide its users with a distraction-free writing experience. By offering you with a black background with a green font, the app serves its purpose if you set the browser to the full screen view. The colors for the background and text can be changed using the app’s preferences. Line spacing, font styles, and typing sounds can also be changed in the app’s options.

write for chrome

As you type, your text is automatically saved and listed at the bottom pane of the interface. You have options to download your typed text in a plain text file or in the PDF file format. Typed text can also be posted directly to various websites including Blogger, Tumblr, and more.


  • A user friendly browser app.
  • Works with Google Chrome.
  • Offers a distraction free writing environment.
  • Automatically saves your work.
  • Lets you download your text in a TXT or PDF file.
  • Lets you send your text to many web services including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and more.
  • Gives options to add typing sounds and custom fonts.

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