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There are plenty of online image editing options out there. Whether to do professional editing, or to simply to have some fun with your pictures, there are a lot of online apps to get the job done.

With it being so easy to create and upload digital photos to the web, there are a lot of creative and innovative individuals out there who just know how to make you enjoy a lot of your worthless and not so worthless pictures. Something I just recently discovered, and surely will begin making the rounds via yours and my e-mail account, is WriteOnIt.

WriteOnIt is a fun way to have fun with your photos and create hilarious captions to pass around your e-mail and blog. Amongst the three sections on the site, you have caption creation, fake pictures and famous magazine covers for you to plaster your friends faces all over.

Create Funny Photo Captions

Caption creation lets you select amongst several WriteOnIt images with a blank slate for you to enter any words that you like. There are currently three dozen of funny photo captions to choose from. They include Einstein, Santa Claus and even a gravestone, all with the ability to create your creative caption for whomever or whatever you like.

funny photo captions for myspace

Create Fake Photos

With creating your own fake photos, you can take any image you’ve taken yourself and upload it to a billboard, a mirror or a pencil drawing. After the image is uploaded, they’ll be instantly transformed into whatever you like, the aforementioned options, along with a couple of dozen more.

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create fake photos

Make Fake Magazine Covers

Ability to make fake magazine covers may be the most fun part of WriteOnIt. Take images of just about anything applicable, and add them to Playboy, Playgirl, Time, Rolling Stone or Wired. Along with an image, you can even come up with your creative caption to add. You could definitely have some fun with this one. I’ve done my best to represent MakeUseOf on their future Wired cover.

make fake magazine covers

Although WriteOnIt doesn’t have a lot of hidden treasures, its simplicity and ease of use make it a great place when you’d like to create something for a quick laugh. Whether you’re trying to poke some fun at a friend or make someone famous (or infamous) for a short period of time, this website should be one at the top of your list.

Go check out some of the latest entries, or maybe some of the more popular items. You’ll get a better idea of what fun there’s to be had.

What do you think? What other photo and art websites can you create a great laugh at?

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does not work. when you press create caption it goes back to choose a picture



It’s working fine form me Mark, both the caption creation and the posters/magazines.

Really nice idea ! Takes some time with posters to find the right photo to use but it’s really fast so no problem doing some tries :)

T.J. Mininday

Yeah…if you don’t have a picture selected, it will take you back to the original page.



works just great



yeah I have been looking for it, thanks for the share!



hahaa nice one!

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