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Here is an interesting text editor that can keep you on toes by constantly reminding you to get back to writing and finish the task you’re working on. You can customize the type of reminders from nice and gentle ones such as screen color change to more aggressive reminders in form of pop-up boxes and music alerts.

Write or Die - writing reminders

To get started, simply set your word count and time goal, then choose reminder type and click on “Write!”. Next it will open up basic text editor where you can start writing. When it doesnt’ detect any typing activity for a certain number of seconds it will start the reminder alert and not stop playing it until you get back to work.

For more info watch video below:


  • Get reminders when you stop writing.
  • Choose reminders types, from gentle ones to loud ones.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No sign-up or registration needed.

Check out Write or Die @

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