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Online Collaboration ToolWrike is an awesome project collaboration tool, it lets you efficiently collaborate with other people(employees, team members, etc…) on different projects, regardless of their location. It’s an extremely fast and simple application that has all the necessary features, nothing extra. And on top of all that, it’s totally free. To start using it you only need to complete a short sign-up form and afterwards activate your account. Everything is quite straightforward, you simply login and start adding projects. For each project you need to specify;

  1.; sales, semester project, Feb 1’st meeting…etc)
  2. ..people who are responsible for it(ex;
  3. ..add people who can view project,
  4. ..add deadline
  5. ..describe it
  6. ..add attachments (if there are any)

More on this including screenshots, here. Once registered you may also add projects to your wrike account by sending an email to All other recipients indicated in the email will be
automatically registered in Wrike and invited to be either responsible for (if the recipient’s email is in field “To”) or an observer (if in the field “Cc”) of the task progress.

More Collaboration Features

  • ..simple and fast user interface
  • integration with your e-mail accounts: see above
  • ..stay up-to-date: receive instant notification as soon as something is edited/updated by someone
  • ..history: each task within the project has it’s own history page displaying all revisions over the project course. In case you’re not satisfied with any particular revision, the document can always be reverted to any of the previous versions.
  • .. personal use: if you want to keep something private and restricted only to yourself simply don’t share it with anyone
  • everyone is involved: people who are responsible for or observers of the same task or in the same group have equal rights(privileges) for working on it. Anyone of them can edit its properties, such as description, status, etc. And once something is changed, all of them will be aware of it.
  • ..project/task status: each project can have 4 different states(active,completed,deferred or canceled)

More info? Check out wrike video tour

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