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Have you ever thought “why did I bookmark this website?” You might not be able to remember what it was about the site you found interesting enough to bookmark. A great and simple solution to this is presented by Wozaik.

bookmark part of a page

Wozaik is a free user-friendly web service that lets you bookmark specific portions of a website. You can add the service’s bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. Clicking on this bookmarklet each time you need to bookmark a page will enable you to cut out a specific area of the webpage and send it to your Wozaik dashboard.

Your dashboard is where you can find all the updated versions of the cut out areas. To suit your preferences you can arrange the cut outs by dragging them. In this simple way you will immediately learn what originally interested you about the site.

For better searching of bookmark cut outs from your dashboard, you can add your cut outs to specific lists.

bookmark part of a page


To make your cut outs accessible from any computer using the web, remember to register for a Wozaik account.


Check out Wozaik @

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  1. Forshee_qt
    October 5, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    I have a better solution. With Alivebookmark program not only I can bookmark any part of a webpage, but also, every time, the part is updated or changed the program will notify immediately.
    Here's more: