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Have you ever come across an unknown file extension? Or perhaps you are working with a new file extension and you want to know its specifications?  Either way, the site that will help you find everything about different computer file formats is Wotsit.

different computer file formats

Wotsit is a user friendly and free to use website that provides information on file extensions. You can look up a file extension either by searching for it or by browsing categorically. Nearly all known file extensions are covered on the site ranging from graphic and game files to music and hardware formats.

When you have tracked down the required file extension, you can click on the corresponding download link and obtain a simple text (TXT) file detailing the format’s specifications.

list of computer file formats

The amount of data about file extensions on the site makes the site a must-bookmark tool for computer programmers.



  • Comprehensive list of computer file formats.
  • Lets you find out about computer file extensions.
  • Extensions can be found via searching or categorically browsing.
  • Specifications of extensions can be obtained.
  • Similar tools: FILExt and OpenWith.

Check out Wotsit @

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