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How many times have you paused for a moment trying to figure out the current time in Chicago in the US or Sydney in Australia?  Despite knowing the difference in hours, it is not easy figuring out if it’s currently 1.00pm or 2.00pm in Chicago. That’s exactly why WorldTimeBuddy is really cool. Add as many time zones as you want by entering the country or the city, and it has a vertical slider to let you easily compare the clocks.

comparing time zones

You’ll also find tiny icons beside the name of the city in each row that let you mark that specific location as the home location, move it up in the sequence or delete it. Overall, a simple and useful site.


  • Compare time zones around the world.
  • Easily add different cities.
  • A vertical slider lets you compare the time zones.
  • Similar tools GMTSlider,, TimeZoneCheck, FindZone and TimeAndDate.

Check out WorldTimeBuddy @

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