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One of a kind online service where you can instantly calculate the cost of a taxi ride in a number of top cities worldwide (London, New York, Rome …). Accessible both from the web and mobile phone. Please note that WorldTaximeter doesn’t give you an actual taxi fare but a failry good estimate (accuracy is 85% and growing). Definitely a must-have for any frequent traveller 10 Travel Websites that should be Bookmarked 10 Travel Websites that should be Bookmarked Read More .

WorldTaximeter - Taxi Fare Calculator


  • Currently supported cities: Barcelona, London, Madrid, New York, Prague, Rome and San Francisco.
  • For each city, view main transport hubs (airports, stations, etc.) and popular tourisitc places.
  • Check out popular taxi trips.
  • Get direct access links to calculted fares (i.e. London Heathrow Airport -> Trafalgar Square).
  • Mobile friendly: Lookup taxi fare from your mobile decive (
  • View featured local taxi services.

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