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Apple have just released the very first PC game, Donkey, as an app for iPhone/iPad. Bill Gates is credited with many great things and he revolutionized the personal computer in many ways. You could say that he is largely responsible for bringing the home computer to masses. One thing he is not often known for is being the man responsible for the first ever PC game, but in fact, he is. That game was called Donkey, and it was given out for free on early versions of DOS. Now, it is available on the iTunes App Store for $.99.

Bill Gates and a friend coded this game at 4am one night in 1981. They used a prototype IBM computer, and the end result is well… interesting. It’s not a super advanced game, and it doesn’t necessarily hold up well over time, but it is fun to check out, just for the trip down memory lane.

The premise of Donkey is simple. You drive a super car along a road and try to avoid a donkey. Obviously, it doesn’t stack up with high-end games like NOVA and Modern Combat, but it is certainly an interesting trip into history. Who knows; if it wasn’t for this game, video games as we know them may not exist, and I personally would not want to live in a world with no video games.


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