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Labels can be a decorative way to mark presents, party attendees, or assign names to anything else you want. Online you will find many sources that offer patterns of labels for weddings, children’s books, holidays, and various other situations. Here to offer a wide variety of such labels free for personal use is WorldLabel’s Free Printable Labels Gallery.

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WorldLabel’s Free Printable Labels Gallery is an online collection of printable label patterns for various situations. The labels are presented as thumbnail images that you can browse. These images correspond to various situations that include everything, ranging from weddings to holidays. The labels are sorted under different headings such as “Vintage Labels” and “Wedding Labels.”

Within each heading’s paragraph you will find a link that leads you to a more comprehensive view of the relevant labels. Here you are able to download the labels as PDF documents.

You can download the fillable version of the PDF file and type in the information directly using your PDF reader. Later you can print out the label for personal use.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Offers a collection of labels.
  • Labels correspond to various situations.
  • Labels can be downloaded as fillable PDF files.

Check out WorldLabel’s Free Printable Labels Gallery @

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