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World Digital Library (WDL) is an interactive resource that lets you discover important historical documents and materials from different countries and periods, dated from 8.000 BC to modern times.

Materials include maps, ancient manuscripts, architectural drawings, films, music scores, photographs and more. You can browse items by place, time, topic, ancient language, type of item or just search with a keyword.

important historical documents

Click on items to get more detailed information such as its description, details (date created, place, original language etc.), watch the related video interview by curator (if available) and view it in larger size.

historical documents

For more info watch demo video below:



  • Discover historical documents and materials from different countries and historical periods.
  • View ancient maps, manuscripts, architectural drawings, photographs and more.
  • Browse items by time, place, language, type of item or search with a keyword.
  • Click to view the item’s description, see related items and watch curator’s video interview.
  • Zoom in to view the item in larger size.
  • The Digital Library is available in English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese languages.

Check out World Digital Library @

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