World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted [Android 2.2+ & iOS]

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world of goo intro   World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted [Android 2.2+ & iOS]Android and iOS have some great time wasters available for you to play for hours at a time. Most recently, I’ve covered games such as Air Control, 100 Floors, and Glow Hockey 2. However, I never cease to find better and better games which are original and absolutely gorgeous.

The developers over at 2D Boy have come out with a game which created quite a bit of hype, and all of it was well deserved.

About World of Goo

World of Goo is an interesting Android puzzle game in which people try to use as few “goos” as possible in order to create a bridge that will transport all unused goos from their starting place to their destination. One of the highlights of this game is the intriguing art and animation that is included. The game is extremely fun to play, and there is virtually no learning curve.


world of goo main   World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted [Android 2.2+ & iOS]

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When you first launch the game, you’ll be welcomed with the main screen, where you can start the game or choose between different profiles in case you’d like to have other people play the game without messing up your own profile.

world of goo levels   World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted [Android 2.2+ & iOS]

After you start the game, you’ll start out on a sort of tutorial – a simple level – that explains the basics of the game, which is to simply get to where the goos want to go while using as few of them as possible.

world of goo gameplay   World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted [Android 2.2+ & iOS]

You can use them by tapping on a moving goo and dragging it out. You’ll want to create triangle shapes, and you’ll know when you can successfully do this when at least two bright lines appear in between the goo you’re holding and the other connected goos. To create the connection, let go of the goo you’re holding, and it’ll attach itself to the others.

Once you reach the destination, all remaining unused goos will be sucked up and counted. If you have enough unused goos, you have completed the level.

world of goo stats   World of Goo: One Of The Best Puzzle Games To Kill Time & Get Addicted [Android 2.2+ & iOS]

You’ll then be shown a couple statistics, and a path to the next level. The levels start out extremely easy, and gradually get more and more difficult. After a good number of levels in which you’ll become increasingly addicted, the game starts getting to the point where it’ll take a bit of thinking to refrain from going over the limit of goos you can use.


Again, installation of the game is super easy.¬†Go here for Android or here for iOS, and let it download and install after you buy the game. The game costs $4.99 on both platforms. You can also go to the developer’s website and get the game, DRM-free, for all major platforms, including desktop operating systems, for $20.


Overall, I love this Android puzzle game. It isn’t too straining on the mind, yet it still makes you think about how you can beat the level. The amazing graphics and animations should instantly get the attention of any little ¬†ones you may have running around the house, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not welcome to play it. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a kid every now and then?

What’s your favorite puzzle game? What’s most important to you when choosing them? Let us know in the comments!

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Alex Perkins

Reminds me of cargo bridge.


Kevin Lawrence Romas

Very addicting game! :)


Jeremiah Iliffe

I love world of goo it’s an awesome game, got it while it was 25c on the play store.

Danny Stieben

I got my own copy of World of Goo with a Humble Indie Bundle for Android, so I bet I saved some money too. :)



The game is great. I completed it last year but after completing there were no new leveks introduced.


Shakirah Faleh Lai

I got addicted on the first time I used to play with Goo they are fun and cute.


Alex Perkins

I installed this last night and am addicted.


Mac Witty

World of Goo bring back memories!
Why didn’t I install it on this computer?
Right, it is very addicted. Don’t know if I dare to get it to my smartphone


Ahmed Khalil

i will give it a try En sha allah


Vipul Jain

I’m currently on ARMv6 :'(
Though have completed this awesome game on PC :D


Nikhil Chandak

seems to be amazing
gonna download it in my android phone ;)


Ritwick Saikia

Never thought goo could be so fun and cute. Have played this on the PC but am going to plonk down the cash for the android version too.


Anish T A

I recently downloaded this game and I play it all the time.Its a very addictive game


Tarek Ramadan


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