World of Fourcraft Transforms New York City Into A Boardgame Battleground [News]

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Tired of becoming mayor, and looking instead to become a conqueror? If you live in New York City, that’s now possible thanks to a site called World of Fourcraft.

By combining Foursquare with Google Maps, this game has managed to turn the Big Apple into a real-life boardgame. Anyone who’d like to participate can do so by selecting their team – Brooklyn, Manhatten, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island or The Waste Land (for those who live outside the city) – and then checking into the neighborhoods he or she visits. After a little mathematical wizardry calculates the number and timeliness of the check-ins, a winner is determined.

The rules are simple. The check-in tally adds up over time, unlike Foursquare, which wipes the data on a weekly basis. There are no restrictions on who can take what, as is readily apparent by viewing the game map. At the time of this writing, Manhattan has taken numerous boroughs deep in Queens, and Brooklyn has taken a territory deep in the northern reaches of the Bronx. It’s a free for all!

World of Fourcraft can potentially be accessed on any device with a GPS or other location service, as it’s a website rather than an app. The game is the result of a weekend hackathon, but it may receive some more development as time goes on. Robert Robinett, one of the developers, has stated that he’d like to add leveling features to the game.

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It’s not clear what happens if one side manages to conquer the others – so if you’re in NYC, sign up and join the fight to find out!

Source: Mashable

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