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Do you manage remote contractors, and need a way make sure they are doing the work they are supposed to? Trusting remote workers to do the job they are hired to do without spending paid time doing other things is difficult, but if you can properly track them, you don’t need to worry that they are taking advantage of you.

A program called Worksnaps is perfect for this, because it allows you to accurately track time with verifiable data. This means you can prove whether the employee is working, so if they aren’t, you can do something about it.

time tracking for remote workers

The name Worksnaps is actually part of the core functionality of the application. When a user logs time with the app, they are actually recording 10 minute chunks, which the service calls work snaps. Each of these is verified with screenshots, mouse and keyboard activities, and applications used by the user during that period of time. This means that, as the boss, you will be able to keep track of what contractors are doing, even if they are in another part of the world.


The other nice thing about this application is that it works in real time. Users can log in and see what their employees are doing, so they will always know what is going on, as they would if they were working in a physical office. You can also divide everything into multiple projects, so you can organize workers based on what they are doing.



  • Keep track of time for remote workers.
  • Verifiable data.
  • Real time access to the data.
  • Divide workers into multiple projects.

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