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WorkHack is a simple productivity webapp to effectively manage your ToDos. Although it’s ad-supported and has rather basic interface, it does an ‘excellent’ job at providing you with enough features to make task management process as simple as it should be.

Online Whiteboard To-Do List

WorkHack Features

  • No sign-up required. All you need todo is to bookmark your private dashboard page.
  • Add and assign task priority by color: Red for High, Orange for Medium, and Greeen for Small.
  • Option to visualize tasks by size based on the task priority level (see image below).
  • Display completed tasks.
  • Follow-up and share your tasks with others via RSS feed.
  • Rearrange and save the order tasks appear.
  • Mini WorkHack: excellent feature that lets you launch workhack in a small, non-obtrusive rectangular pop-up window.
  • More Questions? Check out WorkHack FAQ section.

Check out WorkHack @ (

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