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The labor market has got pretty tough lately, so it’s no easy task to land a good job. However, you have the best chance of finding a good job if you have the right connections. Therefore, being social in your search for a job is a good choice for success in your mission. Sadly, though, going through all your friends and social networks takes a lot of effort, and only produces mixed results.

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WorkFu is a web service which aims to make finding a job the social way a whole lot easier. You can create a “smart” work profile highlighting your skills, interests, disciplines, and more. You can also connect your WorkFu profile to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Employers can visit WorkFu to post opportunities to the best candidates, and those opportunities are rated by WorkFu on the potential employee’s side with a score of how good the opportunity really is based on the information in your profile. You can even apply for an opportunity via WorkFu and communicate with the employer through the service as well.

Employers using the service can benefit from a single dashboard to make managing applicants quick and easy.


  • Advertise yourself through a “smart” work profile.
  • Apply for opportunities directly through WorkFu.
  • WorkFu rates how good an opportunity is.
  • Employers can easily manage applicants.

Check out WorkFu @

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    October 14, 2012 at 11:16 pm

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