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We recently learned about Voxy, a cool tool that helps you learn English by using real-life events. Now, if you want to really sharpen your English vocabulary, then check out Wordstash. This useful resource helps you expand  your vocabulary by providing word definitions and letting you “stash” words on your list manager for you to study.

expand your vocabulary

Once you have signed up and logged in, just key in a word to know its definition, hear an audio pronunciation, and toggle synonyms. You can also get tweets for the word you entered or see an example of how it is used in a sentence from an online article.

In the right sidebar you can find the most popular word lists which include the 100 most common SAT words, World Capitals, Vocabulary From Jeopardy, and more. All this is easily laid out for you to help you absorb the words quicker.

increase your vocabulary

Word Stash is a nifty tool for students who do not only need to look up a word, but also need to set up a word list that they can focus on.



  • Learn and increase your vocabulary vocabulary the fun way.
  • Change the interface themes.
  • Add words in the list manager.
  • Browse through popular word lists.
  • View recently stashed words.
  • Similar Tools: MyIntercambio, Howjsay, VocabSushi, and Memorista.

Check out Wordstash @

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