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Anagrams are a fun rearrangement of letters in a phrase to create new phrases. Recently computer programs have been made to generate such anagrams. Once such web tool is “Wordsmith Anagram.”

wordsmith anagram

Wordsmith Anagram is an anagram-creation tool that offers you a number of options. You can enter a phrase into it and have it generate anagrams while keeping many options in consideration. For instance you can specify the language, the number of anagrams, the number of words in each anagram, whether word repetitions should be allowed, and more. Once the anagrams are generated they are displayed as a list on the site along with their total number.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you generate anagrams.
  • Lets you control the language of output anagrams.
  • Lets you control word repetitions and numerous other anagram options.
  • Lists all generated anagrams and their number.
  • Similar tools: MoreWords and a2z WordFinder.

Check out Wordsmith Anagram @


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